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Ahmadinejad on the murder of Marwa in Germany

Preliminary note: I do not think that this article is exactly an example of good journalism - actually I don't like it at all. But it shows what and how much "president" Ahmadinejad knows - or pretends to know - about the incidents in his own country, as well as his pattern of thinking.... so I translated it anyway - Julia

Ahmadinejad calls Germans “Slave Drivers”

Iranian president Ahmadinejad has referred to the assassination of the Egyptian woman Marwa in a courtroom in Dresden as “preprogrammed”. He accused the West of violating peoples’ elementary rights and called upon the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Berlin.

„The West boasts about their ever functioning security system, but one person enters a courtroom and stabs an innocent woman not once, but eighteen times in front of the eyes of the judge, the jury, and the police”, Ahmadinejad said during a meeting of his cabinet in Teheran as reported by the news agency IRNA.

„Such a crime was definitely preprogrammed”, said the president. Ulrich Wilhelm, spokesman of the German government, said he had taken note of the statement. Everyone who could speak in the name of the Federal Government in the past days had made it clear that in Germany there is no space for hostility against foreigners and against Islam. It was an issue for the judiciary to by means of criminal law bring to justice those who commit such crimes.

Ahmadinejad continued to demand that the UN Security Council should not only condemn Germany, but also impose sanctions on Berlin. “Why do they immediately pass resolutions when in another country a thousandth part of such a crime is committted, while in their own (western) countries the basic rights of the people are ignored”, said the president, whose disputed re-election had lead to protests and unrests due to alleged fraud.

He demanded to bring the judge and the policemen of the Dresden Court to trial. In Tehran, pro-government Iranian students in front of the German embassy protested against the way muslims are treated in Germany. The ultra-conservative newspaper “Kejhan” called for extradition of all German ambassadors in the islamic world.
„When a few people get to the streets of Tehran and burn public property, everyone (in the West) is ready to talk about violation of human rights (when the police intervenes), but when an innocent woman is dismembered in a courtroom, nobody cares”, said Ahmadinejad.

According to Ahmadinejad, Germany behaves like a “slave driver” and has been supporting the interest of the zionists (Israel) for 60 years. “The nations will not forget this crime quickly, we are present, so are the other countries, and we will further pursue this case until there will be justice”, said the president.

(translated by Julia)

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