Sonntag, 30. August 2009

Rapes in Iran Prisons: Threats against committee members

Date: Thursday August 27, 2009
Source: Enghelab Sabz
Translated By: Suzi Mansourian

"Following the reveal of the sexual abuse and rapes to the special committee of Majlis, there have been threats against the committee members"

One day after one of the committee members reported the reveal of rapes of the detainees by batons and soda bottles, we received news that some of the independent members of this committee are highly under threat and pressure.

According to the news received by “Green Wave of Freedom," members of the special committee of Majlis had already been under a lot of pressure regarding the condition of recent detainees, and these pressures have multiplied due to the revelations made by the official site of the minority of Majlis (Parliament News).

A source from the parliament has reported to “Green Wave of Freedom” that ever since this committee was formed by Ali Larijani, some of its members were under all kinds of threats. They each met with the head of Majlis and tried to resign from the committee, but Larijani asked them to not mention their resignations and continue with their works.

It is said that Parviz Sarvari, head of this committee, is very close to the coup party, and he passes on the received information to them, instead of informing the relevant authorities. This way, the coup party can erase the evidence of these crimes and silence the protesters and objectors by threatening them.

This committee which has been formed by the order of Larijani and by support of the National Security Supreme Council differs from the Truth Seeking Committee of Majlis.

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