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Roxana Sabresi’s Memoir of Her Imprisonment in Iran

Date: Thursday August 27, 2009
Source: Iran Sarfaraz
Translated By: Suzi Mansourian

"Roxana Sabresi’s Memoir of Her Imprisonment in Iran"

Roxana Saberi reveals the ugly truth behind her imprisonment in Iran to a Japanese newspaper. Roxana Saberi, an Iranian-American journalist who was born from an Iranian father and a Japanese mother, gave an interview to the Japanese newspaper Yumiori, and revealed her memories of the horrible jail time she experienced in Iran.

On Thursday, Yumiori newspaper stated that this horrifying recount from Ms. Saberi can be proof of what it is really like for those reformists who are being tortured in Iranian prisons after the recent commissions of the election.

In this interview, Saberi said the investigators threatened to execute her if she didn’t confess to being a spy for the USA, and that they promised to release her if she did confess so. Saberi said that four information ministry officials, who pretended to be mailmen, forced their way into her house in Tehran and detained her, disregarding the legal processes.

She said that her biggest concern was the fact that nobody knew where they had taken her. Saberi says that during her imprisonment she was under a lot of pressure everyday to confess of being an American spy, and at last she was forced to confirm her charges.

Saberi said that after two weeks of solitary confinement, she was sent to the public ward where most of the women she met were students or women's rights activists.

Saberi added that during this difficult time in prison, she was calmed by a brave Iranian lady, who despite having pneumonia, still tried to fight for women’s rights and sexual and religious equality. Ms. Saberi also said that unfortunately there are some authorities in Iran who easily ignore and abuse other people’s rights.

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