Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

Go Green or Go To Hell

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Autor: Atessa 4. Oktober 2009

For Iran I voted, for Iran I became Green, for Iran I wore Green, for Iran I dropped the flag that I believed in, for Iran I snubbed all other factions of Iranian opposition, for Iran I became all Green, only Green and nothing but Green.

In dancing to the Green’s tune, I believed in freedom. From the very beginning, I witnessed Green’s exclusion of all other factions of Iranian opposition. When Green marshals reported those protestors guilty of carrying the Lion and Sun flag to police and security officers, I said nothing. When Green marshals, shouted divisive slogans, I repeated after them. When Green marshals shouted, abused and manhandled people with other opinions, I didn’t object. I followed, I approved and I repeated their dictums: “Go Green or Go to Hell”!

Only, recently I travelled to Iran for a week to discover that, inside Iran, the Green movement was different. It welcomed thousands of shades: shade of opinion, of outrage, of dedication, of courage, of disgust. But, above all, the green Movement inside Iran has the colour of hope for freedom. Their Green would shame any rainbow. Their Green is the Green of freedom which does not choose, does not judge, does not exclude.

When I came back, I started to ask why? Why outside Iran, the Greens think that we should ignore all other voices and only listen to the self proclaimed leaders of the Green. As a Green supporter, I dared to question the Green organisers outside Iran. The answer I received was full of sense and nonsense, full of “yes”, “sure” and “No”, “but”. The answers I received to my arguments were ready made, all the same. When I started questioning theses answers, they told me that I shouldn’t ask this kind of question. They tried to convince me that for the sake of unity, I should not question but only follow and support.

Today I realize that the Greens outside Iran have excluded too many people, too often to become an intolerant movement. The Green movement is not an inclusive movement anymore and it is disconnected from the Green movement inside Iran.

Therefore, I decided that from now on I will not give my support to an exclusionist rump that has hijacked the Green protests outside of Iran. I am Green, but not the green of outside Iran, I am Green, this is my movement too and no one can take it from me.

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  1. A very decisive point for the green movement outside of Iran. But with the addition that the green movement of exile iranians is also infiltrated by the agents of the islamic regime.Green is somehow hope for change in Iran but it is somehow used outside of Iran as a tool to exclude or to INFILTRATE. That is why I, as an Iranian in exile, decide to spread the true nature of politics as a whole and do not want to be part of a movement which is full of traitors or unexperienced young exile persians, who either exclude you or pretend to have an interest in you.And they call this pretending 'tolerance'. Most of them are really caring about their homeland, but are also very far from the real culture of Iran and proclaim to be Iranians without knowing how to read or write in Persian.I am not blaming them for this, as I am describing insufficiencies which I had to cope with in my second motherland Germany. It's a great pity, because I myself believe, that there are more possibilities outside Iran to change for bettter than inside. That is why the western elite and their servants in Iran are afraid of a united movement outside of Iran. The reason for this is that in Iran, there is a totalitarian regime which kills and tortures its citizens. In an absolute dictatorship the power of people is shifted to the rulers almost fully. Hence we in EU or elsewhere outside of Iran have the possibility to speak out and tell the "Truth" about injustices being done by rulers, no matter islamic or christian or jew(all of them are instrumentalizing these persuasions in order to intrude the minds of the "simple citizen" or the "masses", who is bound severely to his/her beliefs) Either we, the iranian exile movement, are not aware of the truths being held secret and believe everything told by BBC,Reuters, AP, DPA... or we realize that these politicians are all hand in glove with each other in order to camouflage the real potentates which are the banks such as Rockefellers,Morgans, Rothschilds and Warburgs, are acting in a big scenario as enemies or friends. Ressources and money have always been the true tools to gain power and the real reasons for wars.
    PEACE is big.
    John Lennon