Dienstag, 29. September 2009

Iran's Green Movement: A personal note to the German TV stations

Why do I put this in English, when it is headlined to address the German TV makers? Because the German TV makers will not notice anyway. The German TV makers obediently get caught in the trap that I, Ahmadinejad, and my buddies from the regime have laid out for them.

Enough of human rights, look, I still have the Holocaust "lie" in my sleeve, and in case that will turn out to be not enough to also fool the rest of the world, I have a handy little nuclear enrichment site in my other sleeve, one that had not been revealed so far. Isn't that a big show. Come over here, TV stations of the world, I give you something to talkt about, something that will ensure you get big headlines and big viewing figures, something scaaaaaaaary and threeeeeeeeeatening.

Something to get distracted from the events back in the freest county of the world, damnit, just believe me, once and for all, that I was re-elected in a glorious landslide victory through the freest and fairest elections ever - no, that's not a lie like that Holocaust story, it's true, or at least I insist that it is true, and you better start believing it, damnit, I am not in the mood to repeat it over and over again... and that girl, what's her name again - Neda... leave me alone, your questions bother me, I don't want to talk about it, I wanna talk about Holocaust, yeah, about how invincible the Iranian nation is, and that nobody should dare to walk over us, and that the only guy who is allowed to tell lies here is me, me, Ahmadinejad, freest and fairest president in the world.

And for the media, well, I am keeping them busy. My special thanks here goes out to the German TV stations, because they are one of those who are easiest to fool - just talk about Holocaust, and you don't need to worry about them getting overly interested in the torture, rape, murder, human rights violations in Iran.

More than 1ooo students dare to protest on the opening day of the Iran universities, meaning, of course, that they all knowingly risk to get arrested, beaten, abducted, imprisoned, tortured, raped, killed - be sure, the German TV stations will not even notice. They have obediently engaged in discussing my test missiles. Great job, me.

Aww, and the UN conference in New York city - not a single line about the Global Day of Action, not a word about the hundreds of thousands of Iranians and non-Iranians protesting world wide against me. I am so smart, really. I can fool them all. I am invincible.

Hopefully, if my tactics work and I manage to put all media to sleep, I will finally get more sanctions. Nothing better than sanctions. The more foreign enemies I have, the longer I will be in power. I just hope they will start a military strike soon, because that's really the best thing that could happen to me. And, well, if not - I can still threaten to attack Israel, and deny the Holocaust once more, and - ummm, what else - yeah, of course, the nuke issue. Sooner or later the international community will be scared so much that they think a military intervention will save them.

Thank you, ARD, thank you ZDF, thank you WDR, thank you all German TV stations and daily newspapers of Germany, for being such good buddies. If you don't even notice what's going on in front of your eyes, I can be sure you don't notice the other traps I have put up for the world. I am invincible as long as everyone else is deaf and blind and more stupid than me. Cheers!

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