Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Sample letter to Barclay New York Hotel

Dear Sirs,

it has become known that your hotel will be hosting the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran during his stay in New York beginning on September 23.

As you certainly know, Mr Ahmadinejad is the representative of a regime which has not yet been proven legitimate. Moreover, his regime is currently violently oppressing any form of protest or opposition, severely violating the rights of the Iranian people.

Journalist, activists, politicians as well as their family members and ordinary protesters continue to get arrested, which usually means they undergo severe torture, psychological and physical pressure, rape, even murder. Some of them are put on public show trials where they have to give forced confessions.

At least 72 victims of the unrests since June 12 have been confirmed so far - all of them murdered by the security forces of Mr. Ahmadinejad in the streets, beaten to death, shot, thrown from high buildings, raped and killed under torture in the prisons (please refer to the list given on

The regime which Mr Ahmadinejad is representing is illegitimate, criminal, and responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of unlawful arrests, dozens of murders, and repression of the peaceful civil protest of its people by cruelest means.

I plead that you do not give this person the honor of staying at your hotel. Please refuse to accomodate him and his delegation, thus setting a powerful sign for the world to see that you side with human rights and democracy.

Thank you very much.


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